Have you ever noticed how the same garment has a completely different light on you and on your friend?  

While going shopping, have you ever wondered why that fantastic lead-colored velvet jacket looks great on your sister while it looks terribly gloomy on you?  

Or because that wonderful fuchsia dress gives your colleague an elegant and refined look while it immediately has a great-grandmother effect on you?  

We often hear people say: "but I'm light-colored, she's olive-haired, that one is blonde, the other one is brunette."  

The reason why a certain color suits you or not revolves around this curious word: ARMOCROMY !  

To each his own Season:  






Participate in our Armocromia events .  

Friday 29 September Pavia  

Friday 6 October Savona  

Friday 13 October Milan Corso Vercelli

Friday 27 October La Spezia

Book in the previous days by calling the relevant Boutique!  

Stay tuned for the next dates!  


Team Amelie